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NWSC Teams - Spring Season 2014 - End of Season

posted Aug 8, 2014, 8:15 PM by Guillermo Brown

New Windsor Cosmos BU11-2A

The New Windsor Soccer Club is proud to acknowledge the achievements of the NW Cosmos on completing a good season during the EHYSL Spring Season 2014.  
With a team record of 4 Wins, 4 Losses and 2 Draw, the NW Cosmos represented the New Windsor Soccer Club and their members .
New Windsor Azules BU14-3. 
The New Windsor Soccer Club is proud to congratulate the NW Azules on registering a team record of     5 Wins, 1 Losses and  2 Draws  during the Spring Season 2014.  The team finish in second place in the BU14-3 division.  The NW Azules accomplishments  during this season highlighted their heart, commitment to teamwork and perseverance in all aspects of the game. Congratulations!!

New Windsor Diablos Rojos BU10-O completes their first season in the EHYSL. 
The New Windsor Soccer Club is proud to acknowledge the efforts of the NW Diablos Rojos during their first year in the league.  The NW Diablos Rojos completed their first spring season with great efforts but not many triumphs, we acknowledge their continued growth as a team and our desires for the best wishes in the future.
The New Windsor Soccer Club congratulates the coaches, players and parents on their great efforts .
Thank you for your support for this season and the future.
New Windsor Soccer Club